Red Sea Glass….

Red sea glass…

”Well, how about this one then, you sea glass snob?” She laughed and bent over and rescued a bit of bright red as it tumbled in the backwash of the last wave. Uncaring that the returning surge created by the steep shoreline of high tide sloshed over her shoes, she scooped at the sand with both hands and captured her prize.
“OK.” I smiled and extended my palm towards her. “Let me take a look.”
“It has a sharp edge, but it’s so pretty. And you just don’t come across red ones ever!” She dropped it in my hand. “Well, I like it! You’re just too damn picky, ya dork!”
“Well, I’ll grant you; the color is awesome.” I smiled at her teasing rebuke. “But it’s simply not ready.” I held the chunk to the sky and grinned. It was the grin intended to playfully annoy her. We both knew it, but she bit none the less.
“OK, Mr.’ Know-it-all’, which means you know nothing.” Her smile so wide, “why does this one fail inspection?”
I rolled it over carefully between my fingers; a final inspection of its vibrant color. “The ocean is not through with it. Right now, it is simply a broken hunk of red glass.” I looked at her and then her treasure; sighed, and then flipped it back into the sea. “Let it tumble and polish, perhaps we will find it again one day and its beauty will be complete and then it will be our perfect sea glass.”
There are days that are simply better than others. I learned some time ago it will never be what you are doing that ever matters nearly as much as the company you keep when doing it. And on those perfect occasions where the two are joined, a memory, perhaps even a lesson, is created and changes us forever.
My footprints have long been washed away on that wonderful beach, but the remembrance of that day with my friend, no tide can ever erase. Bits of sea glass…so very much like ourselves and those we love most dearly.
When we are young, our edges are sharp, our colors so brilliant! We live each day as if both will last forever and pay so little attention to the things and events around us. But the days are waves, and we are immersed in that which is contained within them. At times the surf pummels and pounds; it is then we lose the arrogance, false pride and stubbornness that marks our youth. Little by little, even if reluctantly, the challenges of our lives provide ‘the great reveal’ necessary to see things as they really are and who we are meant to become. Softer lines and gentler forgiving hues begin to replace the hard, jagged boundaries and dazzling colors once used to protect ourselves from our inner hurts. We become more polished and refined by the friends we have and the stories that we share with them. Lowering our guard, we help each other find our own undiscovered inner beauty.
I wanted so desperately to keep the real treasure as was found that day, and tried to keep it as my own, even temporarily thrusting it in my pocket as I walked. In truth, it remains the only crimson piece I have ever held in my life, a most beautiful and loving gift from the sea. But in my heart, I knew it was not ready and could not be kept from finding its own shape and color. With a tear tracing its way slowly down my cheek, I tenderly placed it back in the sand and watched as another wave took it back out to sea to help it become what it was meant t be.
There simply cannot be selfishness or conditions for the things and people we love the most. And when we find the grace and courage to embrace those feelings, somehow we are polishing and refining ourselves as well…

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